IMPORTANT FEATURES/SERVICE SPECIFICATION: (Common for both Stocks & Commodities Traders)

FEES: 100% Refundable fee of Rs.3000 only is taken as Advanced fee to start your service.

This advanced fee is only for assurance of genuineness of the member, and to keep out non-serious people merely doing time-pass around internet to get trading tips.

As mentioned there are no advanced fees but only profit sharing of 30% & 20% depending upon your investment.

Concept of NET PROFITS: Profit Sharing amount is calculated on Net Profits only; that is any losses made are deducted from profits to arrive at net profits.

Profit Sharing

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MINIMUM CASH/MARGIN/EXPOSURE REQUIREMENT: Any person want to join our profit sharing advice, require Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.5 Lakh, or exposure equivalent to what one gets in Rs.5 Lakh amount.
DELIVERY OF SERVICE: Trading calls will be sent by ultra-speed SMS service, but Personal Phone Call assistance is also provided.
DAILY REPORTING OF YOUR STATUS: Every day, daily net and total position details will be sent to you by SMS and Email as well.
PAYMENT OF OUR SHARE OF PROFIT: The member is required to deposit our share of profit, before 11:00 AM of the next working day.
PROFIT SHARING TRIGGER AMOUNT: The member has to deposit our share of profit as stipulated above, as soon as our Claimable Profit Share crosses an amount of Rs.4000 INR; that is a net profit of Rs.20,000 to you.
TRADING CALLS: All trading calls will be given with Clear Entry (cmp/above/below/between), Target (tp1, tp2), and Stoploss (first SL, then Trailing SL) levels. Constant updates as may be necessary will also be given.
NATURE OF TRADES: Trading calls in both Stocks and Commodities will be of intraday, and position both types.


We do not trade. This is not a PMS service. We only give advice, and you have to make trades yourself in your account.

We do not trade. This is not a PMS service. We only give advice, and you have to make trades yourself in your account.

W e will NOT give you positions exceeding your exposure/margin limit at anytime.

You will be explained the Trading Rules and features of our services, which is also given on this site, by our executive, before we start your service.

Your service will continue only after deposit of our all due claims of profit sharing fee.

W hen someday, you are not able to trade on our calls, like you are out of station or busy in anything; then you have to inform us 1 day in advance, so that we will not send you any trade.

Because, all the trades sent to you will be counted unless you have informed us in advanced, regarding inability to trade on particular day in advance.

Similarly, you have to inform in 1 day advance, when you are going to increase/decrease your margin/capital/exposure/volume/turnover for trading.

S MS Speed will be ultra-fast, so if you do not trade on our sms, it is solely your mistake.

Practical Approach while sending out Trading Calls: We will never send such calls/sms which the members are practically not able to execute/trade. So, be worryless for anomalies/issues/problems regarding entering the trade at right price when we send a call to you.

Y ou can call us anytime for anything, But Never Call us for confirming calls given to you by sms. Because as told earlier you have to follow our sms, strictly.

T The Advanced Fee is 100% refundable. The fee will be refunded after our 3 trades go wrong consequently.

We will give calls with usually small stoploss and big target. Thus, you lose less when you lose, and earn more when you earn.

We may not give trades daily. Volatility is our friend. But High Volatility is not. So, we avoid days of High Volatility, and High Uncertainty. So, you have to keep Patience, when newly start work with us.

I n case of IntraDay type Calls, if any trade is non-resultant (none of the tgt or SL met), then in suh situation the square off price in stocks will be the price ruling at 03:20 pm; and in case of Commodities, the price ruling before 10 minutes of market close will be considered for purpose of calculation of net P/L.

If you trade in more or less Quantity/Lots, then the resulting profit/loss will be solely your responsibility and we will as usual calculate P/L as per Quantity given to you by our SMS.